Data protection law

Data protection law is not only designed to protect personal information; it also lays down the key rules on the ways in which information on an identified or identifiable person can be handled and used. In other words, it regulates the proper handling of data.

Good data management inspires confidence – and this applies to the details of customers, clients, suppliers, business partners and employees alike. It strengthens customer relationships and creates a positive atmosphere in the workplace. To neglect data protection is to risk a data protection scandal – and fines and bad publicity cause customers to disappear and valued members of staff to leave.

Ever-increasing digitalisation brings with it a huge increase in data, and this is accompanied by ever more complex regulations at different levels. These rules are set out in the EU Data Protection Directive, the Austrian Data Protection Act 2000 (DSG 2000), the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and a host of other laws and directives. This makes proper data handling an increasingly difficult task. We can run data protection training sessions for your workforce, organize in-house workshops on the issues that particularly concern you and train in-house data protection officers.

We keep track of things for you and provide solution-oriented advice on the regulations that you need to comply with in your business.

Our solutions – whether they involve the use of cloud services, the introduction of new software (such as Office 365, G Suite or SAP), or the installation of access controls or CCTV – are tailored to your requirements. At every stage of your data protection project, we provide the precise support that you need. This can include project planning, notifications to the Austrian Data Processing Register (DVR), company agreements, service provision agreements, and representation in Data Protection Authority (DSB) licensing procedures.

Information on your customers’ needs and wishes is invaluable – and not just in the era of “big data”. We can advise you on how you can legally use your data for purposes such as marketing, or how it can be exchanged within a group of companies.

And if – despite all precautions – a data breach occurs, we can help you inform the people involved and process requests for information; we can also represent you in dealings with the authorities.

We can also run data protection training sessions for your workforce, organize in-house workshops on the issues that particularly concern you and train in-house data protection officers.

We are authors

As part of our work we regularly publish books, commentaries, papers and media articles in our specialist fields. We also give lectures and seminars and lead conferences, especially on data protection law.

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