It law, telecommunications law and e-commerce

The internet is by no means a legal vacuum. Quite the opposite.

Providers of electronic services such as apps or online shops must comply with a multitude of international and national regulations, especially in the areas of telecommunications law, e-commerce law and consumer protection.

We help both start-ups and established companies to design their apps and online services by ensuring that the formulation of business terms and conditions, information materials and data protection declarations meets all the legal requirements. We can also draw up declarations of consent that enable you to be certain that your marketing measure will be a success and not a data protection nightmare.

We assist employers who need to draw up IT policies and agreements on the use of telephones, email, the internet and social media in the workplace. In the event of breaches of competition law or domain rights by your competitors, we can enforce your rights through the courts or defend you against unjustified claims.

Agreements on software use are always very complex. Just ploughing through the business terms and conditions of major software houses is a seemingly endless and virtually unmanageable task for executives – and specifications, availability rules, price tables and licence conditions are no less complicated.

We make sure that agreements permit software to be used in the way that you require and that other commercial and legal provisions do not impose unfair terms on your business. This calls for meticulous and professional procurement planning, a clear understanding of the business and technical environment, and clearly defined specifications; we shall be happy to help you produce and implement these and to provide you with the necessary expertise.

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